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Written by Jason Crandall   
Thursday, 05 May 2011 00:52

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Dj Mods is please to announce the sale of TI3 "CHAMELEON"

Please CLICK HERE to navigate to the sale page. Please CLICK HERE to view

the example video.



    I have a offer to everyone that wants these kits on their TT's that is not

a Technics. If you want to supply your TT to me and pay for the shipping

to and fro. Your 1 TT will stay with me for the required time

(Usually 1 month). I will design the LED kits for your TT, install them, and

charge you nothing. You also get credits in the help of designing this

particular kit. Design will commence as soon as the TT's are received.


It works out to be the same cost as buying them, with a major discount!


Let us know if you would like to be a part of this design deal..



Hey Dj!

DjMods went through a major redesign in it's head liner product

The ILLUMINATOR v2 "Platter" Pro-Kit. A major advancement in design and thinking!


Now with the new design in our PCB cover we have made the following changes.

Every PCB cover is created using a clear acrylic. Now the LED's are positioned behind

the upper edge and shine through  the PCB cover.


Each custom PCB cover is now fully laser cut with our
new laser cutting machine.

 Now every PCB cover has "THE ILLUMINATOR PLATTER" laser etched into it,


no more sticker! YAY!

Let's address why these changes were made now.

Every PCB cover is created clear because of the following


  Using clear plastic improves luminosity transfer  

through out the entire PCB cover and right out through

to the edges and any where the cover is laser cut into

or laser etched.

Now our customers who have custom logos and have the means

to get them custom painted by thier local artist can do it now!

They can actually paint the inside of the cover and the artwork will

show right through to the top side!


Now that the cover is clear, we can now place the LEDs

behind the cover and shine them right through the plastic.


This makes the cover look totally stealthy and very cool!

This also helps defuse the light so there is very little to

no spotting effect.

  DjMods has now purchased a CNC Laser Cutting Machine.


        Despite the enormous cost of this machine, we feel it was

        in the best interest to provide product that was as acurately

        produced as possible. Now we can perfectly cut out our covers

        and cut & etch into them with the finest percision technology

        available. These covers actually just drop into place perfectly

        with no adjustment needed!


        Also in the above picture you can see we have a large 42"

          cutter plotter. If you have a large sticker and need to find

          a place to get it made for you, fire off an inquirey email to

          us and let us know the exact specifications you need.



Stay tuned to Dj Mods and register an account with us to get the

latest updates on promotion sales and special 24 hour HOT DEALS.



 Djmods reserves

the right to change the

information on this page at

any time without notification

Last Updated on Monday, 12 August 2013 14:03

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