Dj Mods Homepage, Welcome!

DjMods Homepage, Welcome!

   You are one step closer to owning the  #1 Technics LED modification kit(mod kit) that amplifies the style, performance, and attitude of every DJ.  Our products currently support the Technics SL-1200 series turntables.Our products however might fit other brands of turn tables’ but we do not guarantee this.

Within minutes you can install Ti2,Ti3 &, Ti4 mod kits, and your decks will be lite with up to 14.6 million colors of your selection!  Get use to hearing “WTF is that? That is crazy!” You can find out products located in our E-Store. Just click on E-Store button on the main menu above to view our products.
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The meaning behind the name DjMods is very simple, it means, “Dj Modifications”. As each of us Dj’s strive to stand out from one another, we tend to customize our Dj Gear to suite our style and attitude. We are here to help you get your style & attitude on by offering you the best in Technics SL-1200 series turn table modifications.

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*Please note. The kit featured in the video is of one of version 1.0 non-pcb (wired bulkier LED) discontinued versions in the picture below. The LED array is now PCB. Both installation methods are exactly the same except the power quick connectors are attached now more quickly, securely, and highly insulated. Making the installation even quicker and safer.

Our design is now purely PCB, no more wires!