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Hey Dj! Welcoming a New Re-Seller in California USA, PayPal, Google Pay, Custom Covers Shipment, & More!!!…..

Hey Dj!

Well it has been a while, over a month for sure! Time really fly’s when you are busy. We have been doing a lot of updates to the website, making sure it is functioning correctly on every platform. It’s important to us that our customers experience a fluid flow through the shopping cart of our website when making a purchase. Customer Service & After Service is #1 To Us!

We have so much to share so lets get into it.

DjMods would like to welcome:

California Turntables to our distributors list of supplier in the Fullerton/California Area..


If you live in the united states and wish to have your Technics decks fitted professionally with our kits, please contact them directly so you can save money in time & shipping charges! If you are a re-seller and wish to make a wholesale purchase please head on over to our terms of service and read our “General Wholesale Agreement” and then go to our WholeSale Page and download and complete our WholeSale application and order online. We are looking for Re-Sellers all across the United States. Exclusivity is still available in many states so now is the time to hop onboard with us and secure the cheapest prices before our products increase in retail cost.

In order to reach more customers on a global level with more safety insured for our customers, we are now offering our products on HERE! To further more prove that we are a legitimate company, we have opened up a business account with paypal and now can accept paypal payments through our website. We also can accept google pay within google browser only.

Orders are starting to propagate now since we have been open. The online industry can be tricky to get into because it’s hard to trust people these days. We are focused on building that trust with our members, the general public, and hopeful future customers. We are very happy to be given the opportunity to prove that people can trust our business and products we sell. We couldn’t be happier to see our dream (Family Business) starting to materialize.

A micro story Jason wanted to share with everyone that sheds some light on dealing with manufacturers in China.(Good Read):

Custom Covers
Our First Batch Of Laser Cut (Not by Jason) Custom Clear Covers!

So, today we received our Technics Compatible Custom Clear PCB Covers. We payed for expensive express air on this shipment that is just for building up stock. Turns out, my manufacturer laser cut this small batch of first time covers incorrectly(Ass Backward To Be Exact). On the lighter side, we are so happy that we have planned ahead this time and stocked up on our Custom Covers that Jason personally laser cut himself. We’re also happy this will not affect our ability to fill any custom cover orders. We have learned in business that if anything could go wrong, it will! Having said that, We do have a strong backbone of stock to back up rapid, quality sales within Canada,USA, & Internationally. Check out our YouTube Video Channel to see our beautiful first time defective batch of covers will be uploaded shortly. We’ll keep you posted on this little interesting story. ( Might just turn these into clocks!)

From here on we expect smooth sailing as far as our back end configuration goes with hopefully no more waste of time and products.

Thanks for subscribing to this post and keep subscribing. We have flash sales so you never know what kinda deal you might open up when opening our emails. Also, catch Jason on live chat and ask him to give you a discount!



DjMods Team.

P.S. NEXT POST: *HINT*–> Ti4 Evolution = Blue tooth connectivity, Hardware to APP to website account communication/verification, Premium subscription services, live updates, all options though an APP. No more remotes! YAY!

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