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The #1 Custom Clear Technics Compatible PCB Covers In The World!

Hey Dj!

So….. It’s been quite a while since I have posted and for good reason.

Recently, Amy (My Wife) traveled back to China to take care of a few things. One of those things was to take care of some things about my business. One of those things was to address the QC(Quality Control) on my covers being custom made. I noticed the last batch was produced very well. Knowing me though I want perfection. So now with our covers they are even more closer to perfection with the process I use to create these covers. The process has been tweaked out a bit to get them as close as possible.

<—– Check them out!


DjMods Custom Clear Cover : LINK

This is a recent customer reaction to our covers: Hi, just got them today! They’re freakin awesome!! Thank you! I’ll send you a pic once I get them assembled.


DjMods Gift Cards!

Yes, thats correct. We now sell gift cards. Now you have the ability to print your own gift cards and give them to your favorite dj’s. Just make your purchase and you will be able to download the image of the card with a special code on it that you can use to spend in our store.

DjMods Gift Card: LINK



On another note –

I just wanted to put this out there in a meaningful way so I figure this is the best way to do it.

I want to give a shout out to Amy and throw a little love and respect her way.

Amy,  has helped me greatly since the conception of From communicating with Chinese to get my idea across to them, to flying back to China to make sure my products are QC properly, and a ton of other things I just don’t have the time or space to mention here. She has believed in this product aaaaalmost as much as I have but has been there 100% for me regardless of what she thinks. It’s nice to know we have each others backs through all of this.

So a huge THANK YOU goes out to Amy. Without you, non of this would be possible, seriously.

Thank you for 9 years of your support and beyond!


Love you Baby! ;-P


We also would like to announce that we have re-activated our previous ebay account djmods. Some of you may ask why? The answer is just plain and simple, We need to make more sales and use our account that has more 100% positive feedback between the two.  Djmodscanada has a new 14 feedbacks @ 100% positive. djmods has 70+ feedbacks @ 100% positive. Why not use the better of the two right? Right! 😛 Also has upgraded our website. It now loads on an average of 1.5 seconds (depending on which device). Slightly changed the look and feel. We are now successfully selling world wide with no issues what so ever between our website and ebay. All has been resolved!

Moving forward to a positive and successful 2019/2020.

MixXx Well!

Jason R.C. & DjMods Team.


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March 2018 New Remotes & Classic Style!

Hey DJ!

We have in our new remote controls now. They all work flawlessly. Very happy about that!

Although they are not the white ones that you could easily paint to match your decks, they are however the

classic black and chrome which are still very stealthy.

Also, We just wanted to give a heads up to everyone, We have two new products out now.

  1. Ti2 Classic
  2. Ti3 Classic Chameleon

These two products are designed to get our products into your decks at a lower cost.
We have been building up a bit of stock since Dec 2017 so we are good to go to take orders now.
One more thing, We would really appreciate it if any of my previous customers could submit their to date
and present kits working or not working. We would like to share with the world the quality of the products sold here.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

We look forward to moding your decks.


Dj Mods Team


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas!

From our Family to yours, Merry Christmas.
Jason & Family.
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“Register An Account” Back Online and working 100%


Our registration process was messed up for a couple of days and some tried to register unsuccessfully. Sorry for the trouble. You may now proceed to registration with no issues as all issues have been resolved.

Thank you for your patience.

Jason & The Dj Mods Team

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Previous Users Please Re-Register.


From our first test run of our products in 2011/2012 we had all our customers register for accounts.

Since then, we have totally change over to a new platform.

Having said that, I have seen a number of users from before try to use their credentials to log into the new website.

Please re-register a new account please.

I will send out an invitation to the website for all the previous registered and confirmed customers and users.

Thank you.


Jason R.C.

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*NOTICE* The ILLUMINATOR “Platter” V2.5 being retired!

Hey DJ,

We are now live and ready for taking orders! (I Can’t believe I actually made it this far! I’m so happy! This means so much to me!!!!!)  🙂

Here at DJ Mods we strive to bring the best & #1 in lighting kits for your Technics decks! Sadly, We are announcing the retirement of The ILLUMINATOR V2.5 (One Color). We do have quite a bit of stock left over for the single color units but I think they will go fast.. From now on, we are going all RGB = 16,777,216 colors of your choice!

So, having said that, If you want just one color order now before they disappear!

Soon (Summer of 2018), we will sell Ti3 and additional kits to be added onto Ti3. Now to get Ti4 you just have to upgrade what you have already, no need to go and buy a whole entire new setup! Also, the clear PCB cover will be included with every order. Clear PCB covers will also be available for purchase separately.

I hope this message finds you well.


Jason R.C. & Dj Mods Team.



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Come & Get The #1 Technics LED Kits In The World, PERIOD! QUALITY!


5 years ago, we opened up to test the market for our LED designed kits specifically for the Techincs SL-1200 series of turn tables for only 6 months. We got so swamped with orders we had to shut it down. After locating back to Canada we opening up only to be screwed over by the banking system (TD BANK). Now, We are back and stronger than ever!!!!!


Come by and check out our Grand Opening sales prices!

These prices will not last long!

Sincerely, Dj Mods Team.