F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do the “Classic” Kits come with the “Custom Cover”?

A: No they do not.


Q: Why did you add DIY (Do It Yourself = Classic Series)?

A: We added DIY because we noticed that through the production process of every unique kit(In our 6 month live website/product beta test), it took too long to complete each order Now, we are able to send our kits out in DIY configuration within 24 hours guaranteed of you making the order, and if we can push it faster we will ship out the same day! Also, When available all our premium kits of the Ti2 & Ti3 kits will ship out within 24 hours of payment clearing.


Q: How are your “Classic Series” products configured new to save us on shipping charges?

A: With our “Classic Series” products, they are not assembled (Inflated). Having said that, we can reduce the size and weight of the required package size and it’s retrospective weight. With all that reduction, our shipping weight is reduced by 75%!


Q: I can’t solder, but I want your products in my decks! What can I do?

A: I (Jason)have traveled the world DJing, I have never been to one location where they did not have a DJ Shop that does custom work. With that being said, There are always electronic repair shops that would be willing to do it for very cheap! Cheaper than I can do it. Here is also a link that I would support to say this is a very professional instruction on how to solder.

**IF you have a DJ Shop that has demand for our products OR have an electronics repair shop and would like to make money from installing our products, contact us on the wholesale side of things and lets talk!


Q: Do you sell on ebay?

A: Yes, Here.


Q: What is your warranty on your products?

A: Check out our Terms Of Service.


Q: How to you connect the Ti3 remote to the mother board?

A: The remotes come already linked to your kits. For the secondary remotes and on, you have to follow the following sequence:

  1. Press and hold the inner switch.
  2. Press the outer switch 3 times and the LED blink sequence should change from a flash every few seconds, to a long hold blink every few seconds. The difference is significant and very obvious what state it is on.
  3. When you get a long blink, press the “A” button on the remote. You should see the mother board LED now blink very continuously while the button is depressed and the state of the LED array change.
  4. That’s it, you are done! *Ti2 is the same configuration.


Q: Do you sell the clear covers?

A: Yes but, We have limited stock of these. Through the 6 month testing faze in 2012/2013 we notice we were losing money from the sales of the clear covers included in the previous sale configurations. They are expensive to get made and shipped here. Plus the have to be laser cut which adds to the entire cost. This is why they have been moved up to premium price status. After everything is massed produced we will offer them at a discounted rate. Check back on the website’s sale page for details.


Q: Why doesn’t your website have any “www.” to it?

A: I kinda got tired of always having to type in “www.” to every where so I opted out of it. Thus giving the name http://djmods.com = djmods.com .


Q: What does D.I.Y. mean?

A: Do It Yourself.


Q: Does the “Custom Cover” come with the classic kits?

A: No, The Cover is solder separately, and with premium services only.


Q: I’m having trouble making an order on my phone, what can I do?

A: Go to a desktop computer and access our website through Chrome or FireFox.


Q: Do you take Discover Cards?

A: No. It’s our Merchant that doesn’t accept them.

This is being updated as the questions come. Stay tuned!