We are proud to be able to say we have the best “Under Platter LED Kits” in the world. Just look at whats out there and you will come to the same conclusion. We also recognize that not everyone owns Technics SL-1200 series TT’s. Either way, We would like to be a part of your decks getting the LED modifications it needs for the time being. We put together a little list of under platter LED kits. So are that are less expensive, less options, lower quality. We really hope later you will keep us in mind and end up purchasing from us in the future.

Until then, here is a list of under platter kits available for your turntable.

  • Ice Cold Customs “Orbit” Kit : LINK
  • XteX : LINK
  • LINK ($199.99 WOW! For 1 turntable only!)

If you know any others please let us know.