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March 2018 New Remotes & Classic Style!

Hey DJ!

We have in our new remote controls now. They all work flawlessly. Very happy about that!

Although they are not the white ones that you could easily paint to match your decks, they are however the

classic black and chrome which are still very stealthy.

Also, We just wanted to give a heads up to everyone, We have two new products out now.

  1. Ti2 Classic
  2. Ti3 Classic Chameleon

These two products are designed to get our products into your decks at a lower cost.
We have been building up a bit of stock since Dec 2017 so we are good to go to take orders now.
One more thing, We would really appreciate it if any of my previous customers could submit their to date
and present kits working or not working. We would like to share with the world the quality of the products sold here.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.

We look forward to moding your decks.


Dj Mods Team


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