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*NOTICE* The ILLUMINATOR “Platter” V2.5 being retired!

Hey DJ,

We are now live and ready for taking orders! (I Can’t believe I actually made it this far! I’m so happy! This means so much to me!!!!!)  🙂

Here at DJ Mods we strive to bring the best & #1 in lighting kits for your Technics decks! Sadly, We are announcing the retirement of The ILLUMINATOR V2.5 (One Color). We do have quite a bit of stock left over for the single color units but I think they will go fast.. From now on, we are going all RGB = 16,777,216 colors of your choice!

So, having said that, If you want just one color order now before they disappear!

Soon (Summer of 2018), we will sell Ti3 and additional kits to be added onto Ti3. Now to get Ti4 you just have to upgrade what you have already, no need to go and buy a whole entire new setup! Also, the clear PCB cover will be included with every order. Clear PCB covers will also be available for purchase separately.

I hope this message finds you well.


Jason R.C. & Dj Mods Team.



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