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Pending Orders From 2013.


I have been cruising the net and found some people saying untrue things about me.

I have never intentionally ripped off anyone or screwed anyone over. I’m not into the screw you business. I have seen a few posts that I don’t send out products. I want to squash this immediately. This is 100% not true. I have sent out every single product that has been ordered from me. Except for the 2013 Bank Drama which forced me out of business and shut me down. I have contacted everyone from 2013 on and we have come to an amicable understanding. There are a few exceptions, for example like a wrong address. I have had 1 person from Japan. He ordered from me and I sent out the package to him. The package came back returned to me! I asked the customer to send the payment for shipping again because it was not my mistake the address form was filled out wrong (Printed straight from my website, not manually printed by hand). He did not send the payment. His custom package is still here waiting for the second payment for shipping which he refuses to pay for. I tried my best to be fair with him but no luck. He knows who he is and he can still get his products, if he pays for shipping. Even after all the bad things he aid about me on the net, I’ll still validate his purchase and send it to him when the shipping has been paid for.


   Frank Ryan – straight up = Send me your correct address, pay for your shipping dude and stop talking lies about me, done! Your refund you requested was for a custom item that is non-refundable and you agreed to that at the time of order.. Thats why your refund request was cancelled twice by me. Also, Paypal told me you were already refunded by Paypal Buyer Protection Policy (or some kind of 3 word acronym) and you still want another refund? The only thing that stopped you from getting your items was you the entire time. I have always been willing and told you that from the beginning. I run my business as ethically as possible, even when others don’t.


When we opened up in 2012 for a test run, we got swamped with 180 orders. I still have a small number of customers that I can not contact that have not received their orders from me because of the bank drama of 2013 and also some address issues customers filled out their shipping details wrong for shipping (international order address in a different language).. Before we even started to open up again this year I have contacted these customers but only to get a few replies.

Having said that. I would really appreciate the 5 of you that have ordered and paid in full to contact me ASAP as I want to fill your order as soon as possible and I am able to do so now. Dj’s that ordered from me can come get your products now. I really don’t feel good as a person knowing that you paid and didn’t get your stuff. So I have to do the right thing and make sure you are all happy with your products you purchased from me with your very hard earned money and especially when this economically hard time for everyone is so nicely put on us all.


Let’s move forward and get your decks lit up and looking the way you want them to look, unique and your Style & Attitude!




Jason R.C. & Dj Mods Team.

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