PIONEER DJM-2000 NEXUS – Extra Large Mouse Pad


High quality, high precision material. This track pad brings a professional level playing field. Never lose your mouse position with this extra large mouse pad for gamers and Dj’s alike.

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This mouse pad is idea for putting your expensive DJ equipment onto. Vibrations kill electronics. No matter where you place them, your electronics pick up every vibration that you put out into the crowd. Protect your gear from vibrational break down and disengage. This protects from vibration to your electronics inside your unit and reduces the amount of service calls required for vibrational break down of the PCB and it’s components.
Item Qty. : One Pieces
Item Size: (picture shown what shape of this item)
Rectangular Mouse Pad ~ 30.5″ x 16″, 1/8″ thick. 1/8 thick is much better for those with wrist problems, carpal tunnel and more than a 1/4 thick mouse pad.
Material: Durable Heat-resistant Polyester Fabric Top Surface
Non-slip Backed with a Neoprene Rubber.
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Additional information

Weight .700 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 16.0 x 3 in


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