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The Ti2 utilizes 160 super bright individually controlled LEDs to project a large amount of light under the platter. This gives you the best under platter “Halo” glow from the #1 Technics LED kit in the world.

Exclusive to only!

The “Extra Products Images” utilize the custom clear cover to show the completed PCB only. Clear Cover Not Included.

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Ti2 Classic

The above video demonstrates the under platter lighting effect of The Illuminator Ti2 Classic.

Ti2 Classic uses 160 Super Bright LED’s to create impressive amounts of illumination in a small space between your Platter and Base. Currently, our products are hand assembled so why pay us to assemble them for you when you can D.o I.t Y.ourself. Ti2 Classic mounts into your original Technics PCB cover. 1 year RTB warranty on labor (we cover the parts for 3 months)
Life time product support! This is a DIY Kit that you must assemble & solder yourself.

Any kits that are not labeled “Premium Services” are all Do It Yourself *DIY And do not include LEDS.

1: Constant on.
2: Flash slow.
3: Flash fast.
4: Glowing effect.(slowly turn off, then on)
5: Chase forward (4 sets of 3 LED Chase) 33rpm.
6: Chase backward (4 sets of 3 LED Chase) 33rpm.
7: 20 LED Blink (¼ on each side)
8: Chase Bank
9: Random 2 LED Flash
10: Alternate through all patterns.
11: Off.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 5.0 in

Installation Instructions

*Please note. The kit featured in the video is of one of version 1.0 non-pcb (wired bulkier LED) discontinued versions in the picture above. The LED functions are the exact same. Both installation methods are exactly the same except the power lines are attached now more quickly, securely, and highly insulated. Making the installation even quicker and safer.

Mailed Package Contents

This is how our products come delivered to your location securely with tracking and insurance.








This package is for 2 turntables!

Ti2 Kit includes the following:

  1. Two non-assembled Ti2 PCB Kits.
  2. 1 Remote control.
  3. Full set of build instructions.
  4. 2 Power supplies.
  5. All required connectors.
  6. Full set of installation instructions & 3 month parts warranty.
  7. Lifetime community support via our forums.

Tools needed for install is a medium Philips screwdriver, Original Technics PCB cover.
Ti2 comes with an internal power supply (input = 110vac – 240vac output = 5v@3A) .

Compatible Types

Compatible Types:




  • SL-1200MK2 & SL-1210MK2
  • SL-1200MK3 & SL-1210MK3
  • SL-1200M3D & SL-1210M3D
  • SL-1200MK4 & SL-1210MK4
  • SL-1200MK5 & SL-1210MK5
  • SL-1200MK5G* & SL-1210MK5G*
  • SL-1200MK5GLD* & SL-1210MK5GLD*
  • SL-1200LTD
  • SL-1210MK2PK
  •  (“*” indicates may require additional modification to the turntable)

Why Choose Classic?

Here are some financial points to consider in  why a “Classic” Kit might be a better financial choice.

Think of this:

  • Shipping Costs Reduced Significantly.
  • No Clear Covers = No Extra Shipping Weight Charge!
  • Kit does not include LEDS = Less shipping weight$$$
  • Smaller shipping package = Cheaper Rates!
  • No Fragile Contents = 100% no chance of broken contents!
  • Less Pollution created by less packaging material.
  • Classic Kits Ship Same Day! (Possibly Same Hour!)
  • Contribute to your local economy by employing someone in your own country to assemble your kits, Why pay me?
  • Build your kits yourself and save your hard earned dough! (It’s so easy my 12 year old can do it!) This does require skill!



Assembly/Build Info.

If you are truly a DIY person, Or maybe you just want to save some cash in your pocket….. then this is for you.

Here is some general advice on how to solder in this first video. Check out this other channel’s videos to help you understand the process of how to safely solder. You can use this advice to help you solder your kits together. The main mother board is already programmed and completed for you. Whats left is just resistors, LED’s(Self Sourced) and a few LED controller chips. No problem!

1: Learn how to solder.

2:  To assemble your Classic Kits, all you have to do now is copy the work that is already done for you. We have installed 1 section for you already, just continue the work until completed.

There are only 4 different items you need to solder.

  1. RGB LED (80/Unit = 160 Total)Not included!
  2. SMD Resistors (250)
  3. LED Controller Chip (20)
  4. PCB-PCB Solder Connection. (10)

This kit does take time to assemble (2 Hours)and you must be precise with your placement and not have sloppy soldering skillz. The design is guaranteed to work 100% if your work is 100% spot on. Key word here is “100%”.


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